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Bixenta is longhaired female that I kept from our B nest , from  the 9th of december 2005.

She comes from the combination Ninjo and Cudi von Coverna. This was a very special couple. You could find those two always together. They were friends for life.

Bixenta has a wonderfull appearence , is playfull and very social towards everyone.

​She had 2 nests, with beautifull pups, which all have grown up to be  beautiful Swish shepards

Bixenta hadn’t in her to perform in shows, but she had to, because of inventarisation for breeding. As a pup I introduced her at the white shepard associaton so she could be judged by the inspector.


That went realy well and was awarded as very promising. After that I had her twice on a show . The first was at the Brabo international show where she became first and was rated excellent. At the international show i was the most proud . At arrival there were many white shepards, so my first thought was that this wouldn’t  go very well, but when it was Bixenta’s turn, she wanted to show everyone how you should walk a show.  We became first in our category and had to come back later for the best of the breed. There we got a beautiful male  from France as an opponent . The inspector had us walk the show, but eventually they found Bixenta prettier than the male. I still remember that the inspector said: ‘ That is how I want to see a white shepard, nicely brushed,not an blown up fur, just natural.’  In conclusion, she is a dog to be very proud of, eventhough she didn’t win any prizes.

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