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About us

We are Martin and Gerrie den Otter, and we live with our 3 white dogs in Wadenoijen, a beautiful small village in the middle of the country, it is located next tot the river: the Linge in Gelderland.

​After a lot of reading, and acquiring a lot of information about the breed, we requested a name for the kennel by the raad van Beheer (dog association). Our kennelname FROM WIHEHOKEWA ( we chose this by continuely using the first 2 letters witteherderhondenkennelwadenoijen very simpel)

​In 2004 the first nest was born, this was a truly great experience. We raised them with a lot of love. We breed approximately 1 nest per year, as you can see we are not a big breeder.

​The puppies are born and raised in the livingroom, the more mature dogs keep an eye out for the puppies. Our dogs got every test possible, the all are HD A, MDR 1 free, DM free, and are given to  the new owner with a statement of health, an inoculationpasport and a family tree.

All of our dogs just stay with us, even if they are not having any nests anymore they have an wonderful life. We think breeding is not the most important thing, the health of the dogs  and love for the dogs are the most important things.

​And once you have seen a Swiss white Shepard, you will never want any other breed, it is a buddy for life.

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