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Penny was the first female we bought. We retrieved her from the Kennel Von Coverna in Germany. If there was one dog that had a personality then it was our Penny. Demolishing was her hobby in her time as a pup. It costed us a new carpet, baskets, doorposts etc. But all that went by, From day 1 she had a click with Martin, who she followed like a shadow wherever he went.

Penny was the boss of the house en Ninjo came second. Ninjo often gave us the look, like if he was saying : when is she going away? But they became a dreamcouple. They were inseparable.Together with Ninjo, Penny had nests which brought beautiful pups.

Penny has always been a real mother even if her own daughters had pups she would take care of their puppies. She was also a strong dog, when she was 10 she had a knee-injury. Many people thought it was pointless to have her operated, but Penny was happy with the operation and was very playful afterwards.

In february we unfortunately had an unexpected goodbye from her at the age of 12,5 . She will always have a place in our hart.

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