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Our Ninjo was a beautiful white shepard, with an exceptional sweet character for kids and other dogs.

​He had a great pigmentation, which he passed onto his offspring.

​At home he lives together with Penny, who was his alfa female and they had beautiful nests together. As soon as the puppies were born Ninjo wanted to look at them, but Penny was not comfortable with that. So when penny was walked, Ninjo was allowed to watch the puppies. I still see him watching proud and wagging his tail looking at me and saying: aren’t they beautiful?

​Ninjo did a lot of shows as well inland as out of the country and reached the first place. At Kortrijk, where the white shepard was shown for the first time, he became first and best of its race. Later on his daughter would reach the first place as well.

Its a shame that Ninjo only lived 9,5 years. It hurt us that we had to let him go, but we will keep remembering him, because it was such a great male.

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