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Cheeta is a shorthaired female , born on the 13th of december 2006, from the combination Ninjo and Cudi von Coverna. Cheeta is a very relaxed female who allows everything and she loves to watch everything from a distance.

I didn’t choose the name myself because she was actually supposed to go to south africa  where the future owner picked the name. Because of the delay in export within 8 weeks ( vacinations and paperwork) the newly owner changed his mind of having the pup , who was at that time 3 months old. So there I was with the little pup. We decided to keep her, she was already part of our family and we didn’t want to find a new owner for her.

I have noticed that if you are planning to ship a pup far away, you keep a certain distance so you don’t get too attached. I would never do that again because Cheeta still keeps that distance.

Cheeta has already had 3 nests and was a perfect mother for her puppies. Every nest consisted of 9 to 11 puppies and that has taken its toll of her. I still remember that Bixenta had a nest at the same time as cheeta did. Bixenta had a nest of 5 en cheeta a nest of 11. Because I wanted to make it less hard for cheeta I laid some pups from cheeta with Bixenta for nurturing and after that I laid them back with cheeta. Bixenta thought otherwise and took the pups from cheeta away into her own basket. Its amazing to see how that works.

Cheeta is now retired of course, just like Bixenta and they are enjoing the old days with great pleasure.

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